• The arts have the capacity to transform, develop and enhance understanding of the world around us. Public Artist Limited promotes these qualities by producing art projects based in the public realm.

  • Working with communities and artists, we conceive and produce projects that broker permanent and temporary creative collaborations.

  • From small-scale interventions to large sculptural installations, we commission artwork that foster¬†community engagement.

  • Through critical research methods our approach is responsive and sensitive.¬† We are interested in the intersection of art and life, developing happenings that incorporate human interaction within a social context, placing emphasis on research through practice, interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches to working.

  • We engage with a range of private and public sector organisations,¬†developing site-specific artist led projects and events.

  • Public Artist Limited is working on multidisciplinary development projects, and is focused on enhancing links between the visual arts, business enterprise and local communities.