Thame Show

Posted 26.08.15

Claude Heath and Public Artist Limited will launch ‘Colour Spaces’ at Thame County Show on 17th September 2015.  Claude has been appointed to install a permanent sculpture at Cotmore Business Park that responds to the environment and the business moving to new premises on the site; Groves and Windles Group.

“In the digital age, all colours have three numbers to show their mix of red, green, and blue. Now try to imagine a three dimensional space in which any colour can have its location pinpointed, each of the three numbers helping to place it spatially. If each colour has a height, width, and depth, then you can imagine that all the colours in a picture, for example, will combine to form a colour space, a spatial field of colour that contains all of them. It is also possible to take one further step, imaginatively speaking, taking a colour space and giving it a solid form, as a painted sculpture that will stand on the grass beside an Oxfordshire byway, a spectrum in tangible shape to act as a beacon and conductor of colour in its surroundings.”
— Claude Heath.